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Project Life Saver

This program can provide a timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dementia or other cognitive conditions

This is done by distributing electronic bracelets to a loved one with a history of or potential for wandering. Your loved one is assigned a bracelet with a unique frequency, and may be tracked and located by search and rescue of receivers tuned to that assigned frequency which will assist in quickly locating and returning your wandering loved one through the services of Project Lifesaver and the Scotland County Sheriff's Office.

Without effective procedures and equipment, searches can involve multiple agencies, hundreds of officers, countless man hours and thousands of dollars.

More importantly, because time is of the essence, every minute lost increases the risk of a tragic outcome.

It has been proven that in over 3,000 searches using Project Lifesaver everyone was found within a 30 minute time frame instead of hours and days and no lives were lost.

If you would like more information on Project Lifesaver offered by the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office. 



Special thanks to the United Way of Scotland County and the Pilot Club of Laurinburg for their donations to purchase all the equipment.

Thank you, Sheriff Ralph Kersey