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The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, is a multi-faceted law enforcement agency served by over 66 sworn and professional staff members and over 10 volunteer personnel. Our agency is committed in providing outstanding service to this growing community.

The Scotland County Sheriff's Office strives to seek innovative ways to provide excellent service and promote public safety in an era of limited government resources. We are proud of the high quality of law enforcement services that we provide to Scotland County and it’s citizens.


The Sheriff’s Office is the chief law enforcement agency in Scotland County. We provide general law enforcement, detention, gun permits, IVC and inmate transports, funeral escorts,  court  for the citizens of Scotland County and much more. 

Sheriff Ralph Kersey, who was elected by the residents of Scotland County in 2014, is the chief executive of the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office. He manages the Sheriff’s Office and the Detention Center  and an array of support operations necessary to provide full law enforcement coverage for Scotland County. 

Law Enforcement Services 

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office provides a full range of law enforcement services including patrol, traffic and investigative services in the unincorporated (non-city) areas of Scotland County. However, the North Carolina Highway Patrol has the primary jurisdiction for traffic services in the unincorporated areas.


The Sheriff’s Office operates and maintains the Scotland County Detention Center facility. All arrestees in Scotland County are booked and housed at the Detention Center. The Detention Center provides a number of educational and rehabilitative programs to it’s inmate population of over 109 which are aimed at improving the reentry success of those inmates returning to our communities

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the security, safety and order of the Scotland County Courthouse consisting of the judges, courthouse employees and the general public. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the transport of inmates to and from the Scotland County Courthouse.