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Detention Policies & Procedures

To maintain the safety and security of the facility, the detention staff and the community, the following policies and procedures have been put in place at the Scotland County Detention Center. They have been developed to meet the evolving needs of both the facility and the community.

Bonding Procedures

There are currently three (3) ways to post a bond for an inmate incarcerated at the Scotland County Detention Center.

  • Hire a Bail Bondsman. Their fee is typically 15% of the total bond amount.
  • Post a bond in cash.
  • Post a property bond. When posting a property bond, if the bond amount is greater than $4,999.00 you will be required to hire an attorney to prepare a Deed of Trust.

To inquire about the bond stipulations of an inmate at the Scotland County Detention Center, please call   ☎️910-277-3151 

Inmate Care Packages

Inmates at the Detention Center are allowed to receive care packages ordered through McDaniel Supply company. Click the button below for more information on ordering care packages.

Inmate Care Packages

Inmate Property

Inmates are allowed to possess the following items.  All of these items will need to be ordered through McDaniel Supply company.

  • County-Issued Property: Authorized medication, one plastic property container (except weekenders), one mattress, one blanket, two sheets, one bath towel, one washcloth, one inmate uniform, one set of footwear.
  • Personal Items: 3 pairs of white underwear/white bra (no underwire), 3 pairs of white socks, 15 envelopes and 15 sheets of writing paper, 1 paperback book, 1 paperback Bible, 1 puzzle book, inmate handbook and 1 deck of cards.

Inmate Handbook

Every inmate at our facility is provided with an Inmate Handbook to assist them in adjusting to confinement at the Scotland County Detention Center. The information and procedures described in this Inmate Handbook apply to all inmates and detainees, regardless of their length of stay or the reason for their incarceration.